Now that Peyton Manning is actually available, and the Redskins are actually interested, there’s an even greater urgency to quote every single breathing human who might have an opinion on his possible fit in Washington. So here’s what Brian Billick wrote for Fox Sports last week:

As for the Redskins, I find it very hard to imagine Mike Shanahan and Peyton Manning coexisting. Shanahan runs a very scripted offense that is carefully pieced together throughout the course of the preparation week. Manning’s offense is very much fluid in the fact he calls plays in real time based on the look the defense is giving. These are two very different approaches, and because of that, I think the Redskins are better off trading up for Robert Griffin III, no matter the cost. Additionally, Manning knows his years are limited, and he wants to get back to the Super Bowl Playing in the highly competitive NFC East might not be the best path to get there.

This would put Billick pretty clearly in the “Nay” camp, a camp which I sense includes a majority of Redskins fans.


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