I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but it’s time for an update. With the Giants winning the Super Bowl, that means the past 12 NFL champs have a combined 52 regular-season losses. And, remarkably, a full 11.5 percent of those losses — six games in all — came at the hands of the Washington Redskins, one of the stinkiest NFL teams of the past 12 years.

No other team has as many wins over Super Bowl champs in that span. In fact, only two other teams have even four wins over Super Bowl champs in that span: Dallas and Miami.

But you combine stats like that with things like Brandon Banks tweeting about sweeping the champs, and some people will get peeved.

“You beat the Super Bowl champs, but you lost to the Bills, the Panthers, all these teams that did not make the playoffs,” Brian Mitchell rumbled on SportsTalk Live Monday night. “See, I think back to the days when I first got to the Washington Redskins. And when we beat the team that went on to be the eventual Super Bowl winner, NOBODY sat around and said, well, we beat that team.

“We didn’t CARE about the fact that we beat the team. We were upset that we were not in the postseason, we were worried about next year and getting an opportunity to go out there and kick some butt. I hear all the fans and things, and to me it’s Loser Talk. Because when you’re sitting up here talking about well, we beat that team, you’re trying to justify that you’re better than what you are. It comes down to whatever the record is, and if the record is 5-11, 6-10, Mike Shanahan said it, you are what your record is.”