(David Duprey/AP)

Jim Zorn 10-13

Joe Gibbs 10-13

Steve Spurrier 10-13

Mike Shanahan 9-14

* Marty Schottenheimer 8-8

Now, when the broadcast network points that out, you know the local sports media folks will raise the decibel level by a few points. So, here are a few of the comments I’ve heard about Shanahan over the past 24 hours.

Brian Mitchell on CSN: “Whether or not guys or trying or not, we can’t answer that question, but on the football field, they seem outmanned, outgunned. I was asked the question last week, who I thought had the best coaches, the Redskins staff or the Buffalo Bills. I said the Buffalo Bills. You look at this game today, who was outcoached, the Redskins or the Bills? The Redskins were outcoached.”

John Riggins on MASN: “They’ve got still games to play, and they still can exonerate themselves if you will, but boy I’m gonna tell you something, it is going to be tough. It is going to be tough. And I can’t stress this enough: SO much of this is on Mike Shanahan. SO much of it, whether they can turn things around. I mean, they’ve done enough damage to the perceived progress that they’ve [made] right now with these last three games, and particularly this game today. They’ve gone so far backwards now.”

Steve Czaban on ESPN 980: “He’s making $7 million a year, and now we have three games where they’ve been flat, flatter and dead, in succession....It’s trending the wrong way.”

Mitchell: “It comes down to whether or not they’re prepared. Offensively we looked anemic, we looked like a college, like a high school football team. Defensively we started off on fire, now we seem to be a laughing stock. Guys can run the ball when they feel like it. Special teams, nothing is happening. Something is going wrong. The guys either shut off the coaches or the coaches can’t get ‘em to go do what they want ‘em to do.”

Riggins: “I mean, if they keep losing, if they lose every game from here on — and there’s a possibility they could, they honestly could lose every game from here on out — they finish 3-13, what do you do with Mike Shanahan? I know it’s early. It’s early.”

Mitchell: “We’re in week 7 of a season. Now I hear a coach say I’m trying to see what guys can do. Didn’t he go through preseason and training camp? And say he chose the best 53 players for this team? You shouldn’t still have to see what guys can do; you should know what guys can do....Did Mike Shanahan make the right decisions on the people he kept? That’s the question that needs to start popping up.”

Riggins: “Mike Shanahan has a full platter in front of him right now. He is overloaded with things he’s going to have to do. There are so many things going on, so many problems that need to be addressed. It’s going to be overwhelming. But it will really truly test him to see if he comes out on the other side. I think he’s got his work seriously cut out for him.”