“You blame Kyle Shanahan for making the call at that point,” B-Mitch said after one Rex Grossman interception.

“It comes down to whether or not they’re prepared. Offensively we looked anemic, we looked like a college, like a high school football team,” Mitchell said after the Bills loss.

But it would appear that any bad blood between the two men goes back further than this season. At least, that’s what Mitchell thinks.

“I have to address this,” Mitchell said on his Internet show this week. “I’ve gone over to Redskins Park twice, and Kyle Shanahan refused to talk to me. He insinuated that I — what was the word he used? — that I implied that he was racist last year, with the Donovan McNabb situation.

“I know people at Redskins Park listen to this show, because you always want to know everything, and I told [Skins PR chief] Tony Wyllie that I would take it public. He said no, don’t do that, I’m gonna get you all a meeting together. Well you refused to do that and you never called me back.

“Kyle Shanahan — and I know this is gonna get to you — I don’t imply anything. If I would have said that you were racist, I would have said it directly, and I would say it to your face. I never spoke of you being racist, or anybody else. It was a comment made on Washington Post Live by John Feinstein. John stated that what your dad was doing was racial coding. Ok? When John Feinstein said that, everybody decided they wanted to ask the black man, me, about what I thought about what John Feinstein said. My comments exactly were I’m not speaking on it, ask John.

“Because once a white man says something about racial stuff, everybody wants to get the black man to say it, so you can downplay it as he’s using the race card. Well, I took the high road and refused to do that. You can ask John Feinstein, he’s very opinionated, probably more opinionated than I. So if you wanted to find out about that, do that.

(The link to the Feinstein/B-Mitch segment is below.)

B-Mitch then said a caller to his radio show last year also called Kyle Shanahan racist, and then Mitchell instead argued there was a racial component to any relationship between people of different races.

“So I’ll say this: going forward, going from this point on, let’s be men,” Mitchell concluded. “Because if someone had implied that I was racist or said something about me, I would want to clear it up by going to the person, not shying away from it, running around the thing, acting like I’m in a meeting. That is a little chatte way of going about things. I want you to improve on that.

“Because let’s get it straight dude, I don’t agree with everything that you do, but I like a lot that you began to do late in the season. I like the fact that you began to stick to the run. I didn’t like the fact that you wanted to let Rex throw the ball too much, because [things] would go wrong. But never have I stated that you were racist and never will I state that.

“If you are, that’s your problem. But the fact that you refused to try to talk to me to clear up what someone told you that I may have implied WILL make people think, was that the truth? Was it? If not, how about you face me, man-to-man, and let’s discuss it in a professional manner, instead of well I’m not gonna talk to him. That is, as I said a chatte — C-H-A-T-T-E — way of doing something.”

Just Google it. And don’t tell my bosses please.

Finally, Mitchell concluded his show by attempting to play the video of Shanahan firing up his offense before Sunday’s finale.

“Wasn’t that one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen in your life?” Mitchell said before the video. But it didn’t play. So he described it like this.

“I would just say this here: can you imagine the Beaver off of Leave it to Beaver cursing and leading something?” he said. “It was like a nerd trying to lead some tough guys into action. It was funny, ok? That wasn’t me implying anything right there; that was me saying do not try to curse and lead anybody any more. Call plays, call ‘em right.”

So probably they won’t be having brunch next week, but I guess you never know.


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