If you wanted to nitpick, you could probably argue the premise of this Nike ad is a bit weird. It ostensibly shows the route that Brian Orakpo and his Redskins teammates would take to FedEx Field on game days, although the official route likely does not go through the District, and certainly would not pass some of the neighborhoods and monuments shown in this video.

But don’t be a jerk, because this video is pretty awesome, and it ends with Orakpo meeting Wale at Ben’s Next Door, the upscale neighbor to Ben’s Chili Bowl that is a few blocks from my current address.

“Day of the game, driving towards Maryland, and driving through different neighborhoods, it’s just great to see the community coming out, supporting all the guys, pulling up in their cars with signs,” Orakpo says over the scenes of the city. ”You see so many different things that brought me back to why I love this game. The way I was growing up back in the inner city of Houston Texas, it’s the same type of feeling.

“People are out, representing their team. And that’s why each and every time I step out there on the field, man, I just give it my all. For the fans, the diehard Redskins fans, that just believe, year in and year out, that we will get to the promised land. That’s why I fight so hard.”

“The last super positive memory I’ve got is from the ‘91 Super Bowl,” Wale says at the end of the spot. “It’s fuzzy; all I can remember is people jumping around the house and celebrating, and the joy that was going on throughout the house. It was going down in D.C. when we won it, man. And I chase that rush still, trying to find that back.”

Please just ignore the part where they talk about how the Skins beat the Giants twice in 2011.