Brian Orakpo hosted his first Leukemia Golf Classic on Monday in Sterling, an event formerly hosted by Jason Campbell. The former quarterback was in town for the event, along with current Redskins like DeAngelo Hall, Graham Gano, Kedric Golston and Anthony Armstrong.

But speaking of quarterbacks, the motley crew of journalists out there made sure to ask Orakpo about the rumor involving his former Texas teammate, Vince Young, and the Redskins.

“As far as football and what he’s gonna do in the future, haven’t really gotten that aspect of it, but I wish him the best and we’ll see,” Orakpo said. “I mean, it’s all speculation. We really can’t tell what’s gonna go on.”

Later, though, Orakpo offered a strong endorsement of Young’s abilities.

“He was a great player, great leader for our team for the time when I was there in Texas,” Orakpo told the Examiner’s John Keim, as I eavesdropped. “He’s so athletic and he’s a great, great competitor, man, a great playmaker. Obviously things haven’t been going well for him in his NFL career, but he’s still a young kid, a young guy, and he still has a future ahead of him. Any team that picks him up, man, I know what type of player [he is]. Once you get the best out of the man, and forget all the hoopla surrounding him, he’s gonna be a hell of a player.”

We also asked Armstrong about the future of the Redskins’ quarterback position, as in, who the heck will be the starter.

“The guy who’s most efficient running the offense,” Armstrong said. ”Whoever’s the best, he’s gonna end up running the show, if it’s John Beck, if it’s Donovan, if it’s Rex, if it’s a player to be named later, whoever’s the most efficient, he’s gonna be the guy....Vince Young, I’ve heard the Vince Young thing. I don’t really know.”

Still later, media folks asked Bruce Allen about the team’s decision not to draft a quarterback.

“This draft was special, because you really were gonna follow the draft board, and we went by the grades that we had worked out for six or seven weeks leading into it, and that’s the way it fell,” Allen said. “There were some interesting [quarterback] prospects, but we like the dozen players that we picked up.”