Which made Dan Snyder happy, if you remember his pre-Super Bowl interview.

“One of the things I’m real proud of is we were competitive as can be this year,” he told ESPN 980 before last year’s championship game. “I’m rooting for the Green Bay Bay Packers so I can say we beat the Super Bowl champs.”

Want someone to debunk the idea of taking solace in such wins? Here’s Gary Fitzgerald, writing on Redskins.com:

The point is this: even though the Redskins have played well against top-tier teams in recent years, it has not translated to success the following season.

Every year is a new season. And every team starts fresh.

Simply put, the Redskins’ two victories over the Giants will not be relevant come next September....

The Redskins should not look to the past for optimism. They should only look to the future.

True, true. Still, the Redskins are 7-2 against NFC finalists over the past four seasons. Which is weird.