We’ve heard from a great many Redskins about the team’s trade for the No. 2 draft pick, but I don’t believe we’ve yet heard from Brian Orakpo.

And with LaRon Landry gone, London Fletcher’s status uncertain, Rex Grossman displaced by events and Chris Cooley coming off a serious injury, Orakpo is perhaps the player best suited to speak for for the rest of the team. So here he is, speaking to Hogs Haven about the trade.

“I was on vacation, but I actually got word of the trade, and I was excited,” Orakpo said. “It was a move we had to make, I felt like. And I thought they did a great job with just pulling the trigger. Instead of just always kind of patching that position with a band-aid, we’re kind of gonna get it solidified hopefully at quarterback in this draft, with either Luck or Griffin. And I’m excited for the future of this team.”

I like to imagine the first time Orakpo sees Rex “patching it with a band-aid” Grossman this spring. Or, heaven help us, John “patching it with a dirty mud-caked piece of wet newspaper” Beck.

Anyhow, then the linebacker was asked about how the defense carried the offense in seasons past.

“We had our growing pains [on defense],” Orakpo said. “The offense did some good things for us, but obviously they’re young, and you’ve got to have that franchise guy leading the way, charging, leading that huddle. And I really feel like we’re gonna address it this draft and can move forward. Like I said, I’m excited about the trades they made.”

But sure, go ahead and start Rex Grossman at quarterback in Week 1. Leading the way, charging, leading that huddle.