Over the past two seasons, Orakpo has 19.5 sacks. That’s more than two members of the top 10 — No. 8 Julius Peppers and No. 7 John Abraham, who both have 18.5. It’s the same as No. 10 Cameron Wake. It’s also more than No. 11 Mario Williams (17.5) and No. 12 Terrell Suggs (15.5).

Of course, it’s also a meaningless ESPN.com writers poll, right? Not so fast. Here’s Orakpo on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

BTW I seen some list rankin the top 10 pass rushers and left me off. F*** THEM im gonna kill the league next season HTTR

Except he didn’t write “F****.” See the original, parental-discretion tweet here. And good luck to various left tackles next season.

(By the way, Orakpo will be appearing on Comcast SportsNet’s Washington Post Live Wednesday afternoon at 5. This topic is sure to come up. I’ll be there, too.)