Here, then, is Brian Westbrook’s progression of thoughts, upon going to watch the Skins at FedEx Field. The former Eagles star running back and Washington-area native did not seem to be impressed.

Then there’s Kurt Warner, who discussed the position on the NFL Network’s Sunday pre-game show, before Washington’s latest 11-point output. Warner was asking questions of the head coach.

“Isn’t he supposed to be the offensive guru?” Warner wondered of Mike Shanahan. “Isn’t he supposed to be the guy that gets the quarterbacks ready to go, puts them in positions to win? Doesn’t seem like he’s doing that very well right now.”

“He bet his reputation on these two quarterbacks, fellas,” Warren Sapp chimed in. “No, I’m serious, this man came out and said I bet my reputation on these two quarterbacks. Well, your reputation’s taking a hit.”

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“Quarterback position right now I still think is a work in progress,” Doc said. “I see a guy struggling, indecisive. I felt today that he was not the best option t help us win. I think Rex Grossman might have given us a chance to win the ballgame. That’s how I feel, it’s what I saw. But when you play young people you have to stay in it, bite it, and hang in for the long haul. So we’ll see what happen....

“When you see this crowd, when you look at all the effort’s that put into this, and you see a guy that just looks uncomfortable, doesn’t look like he’s able to read, to get through his progressions. And that’s not unnatural. But I think we have a guy that has been through a lot more, that maybe would have given you a better chance to win. That’s what I feel, here on the sidelines.”