The place is littered with Mason gear and Mason boosters, and the menu has long reflected that passion, with hamburgers named after various officials from the Mason athletic program and the school at large.

Most famous, of course, was the Coach L burger, which was frequently offered at half-off prices to coincide with big Patriots events.

Well, with Jim Larranaga gone, so is his burger. Clearly, the Grille needed a new Paul Hewitt burger, and last month it solicited help from the many readers of Brion’s Blog:

So, I think that everyone has heard that we’ve got a new Men’s BB coach in town! It is all very exciting & we’re looking forward to getting to know Coach Hewitt better! In the meantime, we’ve got to get creative & come up with a new burger in his name & we need your help! Send your burger ideas to our chef at Chefterber@aol.com, (the judge). The winner will have bragging rights forever & a cool $50 cash! Good luck!

This month, the restaurant came up with a winner. No, it’s not a burger stuffed with fresh-picked gems that disappear right when they’re about to get good.

The Paul Hewitt - Jalapeños, pica de gallo and nacho cheese.

The Jennifer Montgomery* - Peanut Butter and Bacon.

*For the daring burger connoisseurs only.

Jennifer Montgomery is the director of development for Mason athletics. No idea why she gets the more daring burger.

(Via @gmuhoops.)