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Once in a while, though, the Junkies attempt to ask Laich about the Penguins and Sidney Crosby, and then it occasionally gets interesting. I can’t find the proof, but I know it’s happened in the past, and it happened again this week.

J.P. Flaim: You said you watched a game last night, did you watch any of Crosby’s return?

Laich: No, I didn’t watch their game.

Jason Bishop: He doesn’t like talking about Crosby. He doesn’t like talking about Pittsburgh or Crosby.

Flaim: He had four assists! I mean, you’ve got to give him his credit.

Laich: Well, whatever.

John Auville: You know what, I like your anti-Pittsburgh stance, Brooks. I think that’s a good thing.

Laich: Yeah, nope, I wasn’t tuned into that.

Lurch: He hates em.

Flaim: Do you think you’d enjoy hypothetically ever playing with him?

Laich: Um. If it was for a national team, then yes.

Auville: But not in the pros?

Laich: Well, I don’t see him getting traded to us, and I hope I’m not traded away from here. Don’t see it happening. Sorry guys.

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