With two games left, the Caps could still sneak in the playoffs at the bottom of the standings, or win the Southeast Division, or miss the playoffs entirely. And if the latter happens, it will be by a tiny margin, and there will be so many moments and games to look back on with regret.

Wednesday morning, the Junkies asked Brooks Laich which of those missed chances would smart the worst.

“We’re making the playoffs,” Laich responded on 106.7 The Fan. (Audio below.) “We’re not talking worst-case scenario. We’re making the playoffs....There’s probably games in October that you wish you had or November or whatever, but over the course of 82 games your team identity is gonna be revealed. And either you are or you aren’t a playoff team. There’s really no gray area.”

Then it was pointed out to Laich that he had just guaranteed a playoff berth. He sort of laughed, but didn’t respond.

“That’s gonna be in the Washington Post tomorrow,” Jason Bishop pointed out, which is probably true. “Don Cherry is gonna be talking about it.”

“Life becomes very simple this time of year, guys,” Laich said, just ignoring those facts. “You focus on the very next game. Today, all we can control is our practice. You focus on practice. And tomorrow we can focus on the game. Life becomes very simple this time of year.”