(Cliff Owen/AP)

“We feel good that we added an infusion of youth,” Allen told reporters Monday morning at Brian Orakpo’s Leukemia Golf Classic golf in Sterling. “We added a dozen players who are gonna be able to compete for a roster spot as well as playing time, and we’ll look forward to the competition.”

Someone then asked why an infusion of youth was necessary.

“Well, you know, the last couple years we haven’t had a full complement of draft choices,” Allen said. “And this year we were able to have almost a draft-and-a-half. And where we’re at right now, adding to the competition on the team was key for us, and fortunately we were able to accomplish it.”

It all sounds good, and proper, and satisfying. But don’t let it sound like a rebuild, though.

“Would this be considered a rebuild?” 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner asked Allen.

“I don’t know what rebuild is,”Allen responded. “I think there’s an opportunity each week to do well in the NFL. Last year we had a chance to do better, we had a chance to do worse than our 6-10 record. And every opportunity that we’re gonna be given this year, we’ve got to compete. I don’t think it’s fair to a veteran player to say that we’re gonna worry about 2014 instead of 2011. London Fletcher deserves the opportunity to try to win every game we play, and that’s what our organization’s gonna focus on.”

Yeah, but still. Infusion of Youth remains a better slogan.