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And it’s a fear that was presented to GM Bruce Allen Friday morning on WTOP.

”The amount of expectations we have on him really aren’t fair to him,” one of the station’s morning hosts said. “He probably will stumble out of the gate, as most rookie quarterbacks do. What are you going to tell fans about his progression as a quarterback?”

“You know, I don’t know if the expectations ARE outrageous,” Allen responded. “Every time I look at these projections of where we’re gonna finish, most people pick us to come in last place. And so it’s really how the team plays, and as he learns he’s gonna get better. His expectations are to do great things. He lifted the Baylor University program to the upper echelons of college football. So he expects to be great, and that is our goal. We’re gonna have an uncompromising commitment to be successful with the Redskins. That’s the way it’s been for decades, and we need to continue it.”

And Allen said that, not surprisingly, people inside Redskins Park have shared the enthusiasm of the team’s supporters.

“Our hopes are up as well,” he said. “We understand that a young quarterback’s gonna go through a learning process, but he’s been here every day working. On the day off, he comes in first thing in the morning. He wants to be a good player, and we’re excited to have him.”

Allen said Sunday’s trip to New Orleans will be like “going into a hornets’ nest,” because “that team is very fired up — they’re mad at the commissioner, they’re mad at the world.” And he closed with a thought that 99.3 percent of readers will support.

“The conventions are done,” he said. “It’s football season. All Washingtonians can concentrate on the football season.”

Listen to the audio here.

(Speaking of RGIII and expectations, The Baylor Lariat had a story this week on whether he will go back to do a masters thesis on augmented reality and its potential football applications.

“Every time we talk to him he says he wants to do it, but the decision is his as to whether he’s going to go ahead and do it,” a film professor said in the story. “He likes the idea, he’s personally invested in it, he’s done the research background to justify him doing this.”

That’s via Extreme Skins.)

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