And now, Andy Pollin and Bruce Allen discuss the offseason drama of the moment on ESPN 980.

Pollin: “A story that’s been kind of floating around for the last week or so, that during the season, Donovan McNabb was asked to wear a wristband and refused to wear such wristband. True or not true?”

Allen: “Well, it doesn’t matter on the stories, because obviously last year we were trying to work together as a new staff with new players. And Donovan tried to work into our system, did everything he could, and we just didn’t perform. We were 6-10.”

Pollin: “You said it doesn’t matter. It matters to a lot of us if that, in fact, happened.”

Allen: “Well, yeah. We’re not gonna get into a he-said/she-said type of thing. You know, Donovan’s been a pro his entire career, and we have a great respect for him.”

If it didn’t happen, that’s an awful subtle way of denying it.