If you want to spend 51 seconds not learning anything about what the Redskins plan to do at the quarterback position next season, you could go eat some rice pudding, or draw a picture of clouds with oil pastels, or bang your head into a wall 51 times, or watch this clip from Redskins Nation.

Note: There is no earthly reason that Bruce Allen should tell us what the team will do at the quarterback next season. There is also no earthly reason to watch this clip from Redskins Nation, or to read the transcript, which is below.

Larry Michael: Could we get an indication during free agency what the team is gonna do at that QB spot?

Bruce Allen: Oh, you brought up the quarterback question?

Larry Michael: Well, I was trying to avoid it, but it is constant. But you have to I guess wait for free agency. The mystery’s gonna continue, is what I’m saying.

Bruce Allen: Well, it’s gonna continue. We have a game plan on what to do, and obviously a game plan has to have alternate routes on it based on what other clubs do. We feel good about it and how we’re gonna address all the needs on our football team, and we’re looking forward to getting after it.

The clip is accompanied by three images of Peyton Manning, and two moving pictures of Robert Griffin III, which tells you about as much as the swirls in your rice pudding might.