(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

“I talked to Bobby about two weeks ago, about the fact that we had traded up to the second pick,” Allen said. “And I said, ‘This time you’ve got to be here with us, Bobby, because it’s gonna work out for us.’ ”

So then Pat Kirwan asked Allen if Beathard was really going to be at Redskins Park during the draft.

“Bobby is gonna be in Virginia around draft time,” Allen said.

Later, Allen said the team has different offensive plans for both Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, and declined to discuss RGIII exclusively.

“Let’s talk about both of them, because we don’t know what the Colts are gonna do,” he said. “Obviously we did a lot of homework before the trade. And I think you have two great young men. The NFL ought to be very pleased to bring both of these men into the league.

“Their talents are a little bit different, but they’ve both elevated their programs to national prominence, and it’s not two programs that are usually up on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Robert was good enough to win a Heisman trophy. Andrew Luck was good enough to be the runner-up two years in a row. And we feel very good about the position we’re in.”

At the end of the segment, Allen said he thought the strength of this draft was on the defensive side. And at the very top.

“I think there’s two good quarterbacks in this draft,” he said. “Two. Two.”


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