I was having a perfectly fine conversation with a friend from Pittsburgh this week, when the subject of the Caps and Pens unfortunately came up.

She said she was ok with everything about the Caps organization except Bruce Boudreau, whom she said was an inveterate whiner who looked like Baby New Year and drove her crazy and complained about everything.

I pointed out that Boudreau had never complained about there being too many hats on the ice after a hat trick.

She said Boudreau had cost his team the second-round series against Pittsburgh by whining too much about the officiating after Game 3.

I suggested that maybe we should talk about something else. Like, immediately.

The point is, the Caps coach manages to elicit pretty strong emotions from Penguins fans. And something tells me that this months-old clip, recently unearthed by Capitals Outsider, won’t change that very much.

Boudreau is discussing the way HBO portrayed him and Pittsburgh Coach Dan Bylsma last December on 24/7.

“The part that ticked me off the most was when they started showing their coach,” Boudreau said. “And their coach at Christmas was down in the basement playing with his kid. He’s never played in the basement with his kid. Teaching him, well this is how you do this. Bull****.

“Like, I was down there, they filmed me and my son playing, and I was body checking him into the wall and everything. So they didn’t want us to look good....

“The funny part to me, they showed Dan Bylsma. I coached him at one point, and he was a good guy. But they showed him at Christmas, at home, just eating with his wife and child. Remember that part? They’ve got Christmas music piped in through the house. Who, at home, has dinner with their wife and child [listening to Christmas music]? And they’re all dressed up in their suits, eating [formally]. We were eating, they’re filming, they’re this close, there’s spaghetti all over my shirt, the cat’s licking the food off the floor. That’s not real. They wanted us to look bad.”

If you watch the clip, Boudreau — who’s a tremendous public speaker — is obviously just playing to his audience. But still.

As for Crosby, Brooks Laich was on the Junkies Wednesday morning, and was asked about Sid’s remarkable comeback performance. His response, more or less, went like this.

“He doesn’t play for my team, so it really doesn’t matter.”