Before Game 7 ended the NHL season, Bruce Boudreau talked to WTOP’s Jonathan Warner about the final game of the hockey season.

And while he might not have said anything particularly newsworthy, I’m willfully ignoring the golf tournament that every other D.C. media member is obsessed with this week, so you’re getting Boudreau quotes instead.

Like this one, when asked whether the Bruins’ rebounding from 2010 playoff heartbreak could become a rallying cry for the Caps.

“Our cries, we’ve got a lot to pull from as far as next year goes,” the coach said. “We’ll find some really good ways to motivate them. But I’m sure every player’s watching the playoffs now and we’re all kicking ourselves that we’re not there, because we believe that we’re close to being there.”

Or this one, when asked about his team’s free agents.

“That’s not my department. that’s George’s,” Boudreau said. “I’m not really ready to comment on any of those things. I think George and the scouts know what they’re doing best, and they’ll make their own decisions.”

Or this one, when asked about the replacement for goalies coach Arturs Irbe.

“I have no idea, or aren’t commenting on any of it anyway....If you talk to [Irbe] he has good reasons [for leaving], and he loved it here. But things just didn’t work out. I think he...did a very good job.”

Or this one, when asked about his offseason plans.

“I can’t wait til hockey starts again,” Boudreau said. “I’ve had enough time off. I think it’ll be a lot of fun watching a little bit of the U.S. Open this week, but I certainly miss the game and want to get back to it.”

There’s that golf tournament again. Boudreau said he would be at Congressional at least one day this week. Probably one more day than I will be.