Since then, Curt Onalfo and Jim Riggleman have also hit the highway. I mean, these guys should find rentals by the week when they come to town.

Regardless, the hierarchy now looks something like this:

1. Flip Saunders — Hired April 22, 2009, he’s reached 950 days.

2. Mike Shanahan — Hired Jan. 5, 2010, he’s reached 692 days.

3. Ben Olsen — Hired on an interim basis on Aug. 4, 2010, he’s reached 481 days, including 364 days without “interim” before his title.

4. Davey Johnson — Hired on June 26, 2011, he’s reached 155 days.

5. Dale Hunter — Hired on Monday, he will reach one day if he can last until Tuesday.

That’s an average of 455 days as head coach for D.C.’s five main pro teams. Or about 15 months. Joe Gibbs, you’ll recall, spent more than 4,000 days as Redskins head coach during his first tenure here.

(Note: I had originally spelled Saunders’s name wrong above.)