Bryce Harper trudged back to the Washington Nationals’ dugout, bat still in his hand. He fumed over the weak flare he slapped to end a nine-pitch at-bat. As he walked down the steps that lead to the visitor’s clubhouse at Marlins Park, Harper snapped the partially broken bat in two over his knee. A shard of wood shot into the air, and he disappeared down the tunnel.

That’s two bat stories in two days for Harper, whose pine-tarred bat caused the latest Ozzie Guillen meltdown. And this one seemed to earn Harper even more online fans, as judged from these comments on Twitter. (These people seem not to have realized that Harper’s bat was already splintered; you can see the crack near the knob above.)

* Wow... Bryce Harper broke a Major League wooden bat over his leg... Ridiculous.

* Bryce Harper broke a bat over his knee... #swag

* Damn Bryce Harper broke that bat over his leg like it was a toothpick

* Bryce Harper broke his bat over his knee!? #manchild

* Bryce Harper went Bo Jackson and broke a bat over his knee siiiiiiiiiiick

* Bryce Harper broke his bat over his knee...... So hot

Yeah, really. So hot. Anyhow, you don’t care about all that. You want to see screencaps of the incident, lovingly borrowed from the Fox Sports South and MASN broadcasts.

The at-bat in question lasted nine pitches, but like 25 minutes. Harper was mad as soon as he left the box, and he kept grabbing his bat with two hands. That bat was in trouble from the go.

Then just before he got to the steps, he looked at the bat. Offered final rites, most likely.

Then he grabbed the bat.

You can actually see the shard of wood shooting up into the air, almost certainly the same shard that Kilgore referenced in print. That’s the most famous shard of wood in D.C. sports this week. Unless Robert Griffin III finally signs his stupid contract. In pencil. Or using a ruler.

Then Harper took off down the tunnel, presumably where he would have hit himself in the face with his bat had he not already snapped his bat in two.

Davey Johnson watched him go. “Holy moly,” he was likely thinking. “Geez-o-pete.”