Ok, it didn’t exactly go down like that. Harper sort of got a weird read on the ball, and then sort of misjudged it coming down.

Via James Wagner:

In the sixth inning, Harper took a circuitous route to a fly ball hit to deep center field by Jason Kubel. The twilight earlier had made it tough to see. Harper settled under the ball, then crouched to the ground, awkwardly using two hands to catch the ball, his bare right hand cradling the ball under his glove. “I was wondering if anybody saw that,” he deadpanned after the game.

Still, he caught it. And then smiled. And then F.P. Santangelo started talking.

“That’s why you use two hands kids, right there,” Santangelo said. “Basically caught that with his barehand. Doubles off the wall, scoring from second on balls that barely get away from the second basemen, now I’m just gonna catch the ball with my bare hand in center field....I mean, we’re watching Roy Hobbs before the gunshot wound right now.”

“Didn’t Roy Hobbs want to be the best there ever was?” Bob Carpenter asked.

“It’s early, but it’s so hard not to get this excited about what we’ve seen in four baseball games,” Santangelo added.

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