(Julio Cortez/AP)

In fact, his tweeting appeared to catch the eye of skipper Davey Johnson, who talked Twitter during his media-training session, sort of.

“We warned them about Tweeter and Facebook and all kinds of sites,” Johnson said this week, via Kilgore. “Nothing’s secret anymore. I did point to a couple guys and said, ‘Now you listen to this.’ I’m mentioning any names, but you know probably who.”

UPDATE: On Wednesday, Johnson told Kilgore, “I think from the media day that we had, from some comments from teammates, that was the result.”

Welp, message sent. Harper deleted his Twitter account this week. Gone. Vanished. No more adorable photos of Swag, who really is a lovely dog.

“I’m over it,” he told Kilgore on Wednesday morning. “Just bored.”

A team official said that Harper made the choice on his own. And so Tweeter loses one of its brightest, Swaggiest stars.

(Via Nats Enquirer)