“I’d rather be a good person off the field than a good baseball player on the field,” he explained. “I wanna be as good as I can be off the field for these fans and this town and I don’t wanna put anything into my body and do anything outside of this clubhouse that’s going to affect this team or anybody in this city or anything like that.

“I give everything I can every single day and I don’t wanna go out, I don’t wanna party, I don’t wanna drink or anything like that,” Harper continued. “So, when someone asks me a question that, I think it’s a little disrespectful and, you know, it was the first thing that came to my mind. Like I said, my body is a temple and I’m not going to put anything in it that will affect me or the way I play because I want to give everything I can for this team and this city every single day.”

Harper also offered some insight into how he feels about the first half of this season.

On whether he came to D.C. expecting to be an All-Star at 19:

“You know, not really. I just tried to come in here and make things erupt a little bit and try to get some Ws up there on the board. We had a winning team when I got up here, so that made the transition easier, definitely. And having guys around me, I think, made things a lot easier. It’s just a great experience and a great moment and it’s a blessing to be able to go to the All-Star Game, definitely.”

On fans in D.C.:

“D.C. fans, I think, are so good. They just come up to me and they’re so nice and so polite and just, ‘Hey, I hope you have a great career,’ and ‘How are you doing, everything’s good?’ That’s pretty much where they leave it at. I think that’s great. They’re not going over the top with things and coming up and trying to talk to me for ten minutes. Just ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ You know, I love doing that. I love shaking hands and being as polite as I can and I don’t think I could ever get sick of that.”

On what moment surprised him:

“Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but hitting a home run against Jonny Venters, I was pretty shocked by that. I think I got kind of lucky. I don’t know, I think that was one of the good moments of hitting a lefty like that and just being first place, definitely. I think being in first place in a clubhouse on a team like this has been so much fun and I think it’s a blessing, definitely.”

On stealing home on Cole Hamels:

“That thing against Hamels was pretty much a perfect storm, you would say. He hit me and I just took it and just wore it as best I could. Me, [Jayson] Werth and Bo [Porter] before the game were looking at some video and trying to think, if I got on third base, what could we do. Steal home against Cole? With [Laynce] Nix at first base, he’s a lefty so he’s turned all the way around. So you try to put that thought process in that. I’d have to say that, being able to steal home and that kind of moment and win that game and try to really get going.”


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