(All photos by Ian Oland - @RussianMachine.)

You’ve also seen the photo of Harper all up in umpire Max Guyll’s grill, a photo Adam Kilgore dubbed “classic.”

But what you might have missed was a quite similar incident from a few months ago, when Harper was still at Hagerstown.

Longtime Bog friend Ian Oland of @RussianMachine and Russian Machine Never Breaks happened to be at this particular game, camera in hand. He sent along a description of what went down, along with some photos, which tell the story pretty well.

Ian’s words after the jump.

By Ian Oland

On Saturday, May 28th, the Hagerstown Suns played a double-header against the single A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, the Asheville Tourists. A storm flooded the field the night before and the umpires decided to suspend the game in the middle innings.

Bryce Harper got his first at-bat of the day in either the sixth or seventh inning of the continuation of game 1. After fouling off a few pitches and forcing a full count, Harper struck out — despite checking his swing on a pitch that was at least a half a foot outside.

How did the chosen one respond? Not so well.

First, Harper cursed several times in disbelief. Then he proceeded to get into the umpires face, resting his batting helmet on the brim of the umpire’s hat. He berated the ump for about 30 seconds.

As Harper started to finally make his way back to the dugout, he turned back towards the umpire and gestured with both hands that the ball missed the strike zone by about a foot. Many in the crowd laughed. He should have been thrown out of the game but wasn’t. (Probably because the umpire knew everyone in the ballpark came out to see him play.)

Manager Brian Daubach then came out of the dugout and spoke with the umpire softly before going back into the dugout a minute later.

And then the game started back up like nothing even happened.