Last year? Well, last year the name was slightly dirtier. Via former WaPo staffer and current Yahoo superstar Jeff Passan:

During his first spring with the Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper answered to a different name.

[Pitch] Boy.

Harper was 18 years old, owner of a $9.9 million contract and came into camp proclaiming he wanted to make the Nationals without having played a single game in the minor leagues. The placard above his locker that should’ve said HARPER 34 was replaced by a veteran who wanted to ensure the kid recognized who he was and where he stood.

Except, as you’ve maybe guessed, it didn’t really say Pitch Boy. Neither did it say Mitch Boy, Itch Boy, Glitch Boy or Ilitch Boy.

Now that would be an interesting nickname for an international baseball star.

Harper also gave a quote to Passan that sounds alarmingly similar to some other quote by some other child prodigy that made the SI cover whose name I really really can’t remember right now.

“We’re really, really good this year,” Harper said. “And next year. And the next, the next, the next.”

Also, Davey Johnson is now calling Drew Storen “Tinker Bell.” Interesting team, this one.