Wednesday night seemed to introduce something new: the Bryce Harper hand signal. Nats Enquirer said the outfielder was making an I Love You sign to his parents, who were in the park. The Nexus asked if it was Hook ‘Em Horns, before later explaining that this was indeed sign language for I Love You.

I have no idea what it was, but the first time Harper did it, he was greeted by Ian Desmond in the dugout with the same sign, on one hand.

The next time Harper did it, Desmond gave him two signs, and Michael Morse and Jesus Flores also flashed the same sign.

By Thursday night, I’m hopeful the Nats will employ a three-man jug band in the dugout to greet homering players with a little tune. See many more images below.

As for homering in front of his parents, “They’ve seen it a couple times,” Harper said.


Nats celebrate with low fives

Nats celebrate with deer antlers

Nats celebrate with Harper hugs

Nats celebrate with helmet snatching

Nats celebrate with Ga­tor­ade splashing