(Susan Walsh/AP)

Miech went on “The Sports Fix” to talk about the book, and Kevin Sheehan immediately asked the obvious question – is Harper a career National or will he end up somewhere else when his contract is up?

“I am gonna think pinstripes, but that is a completely personal answer,” answered Miech. “I hate to disappoint Nats fans, but he was born to wear the pinstripes, and that’s been a goal. That’s nothing new or earth shattering. You know, the Yankees have a way of giving a ton of cash to guys like that, and someone told me the other day that they could foresee the first $400 million contract at that time.”

I have no idea who “someone” is, so take this with a grain of salt.

It’s about five years too early to even speculate what will happen with Harper. Also worth considering is that the Nats are valued at around that much.

Harper caused a stir last year when he admitted to being a Yankees fan, so the idea of him in pinstripes isn’t a stretch. The Yankees paying an outlandish amount for a player like Harper is also not a stretch.

What I can say with certainty is that Ted Lerner won’t be quick to open up his wallet wide enough to let $400 million fall out.