After making an out in the seventh, Harper whacked a wall down the tunnel from the Nationals dugout with his bat. The bat caromed off the wall and smacked him above the left eye, drawing copious blood immediately.

Harper sheepishly emerged from the trainers room late Friday night, a golf ball-sized welt protruding from his forehead and clumps of blood in his hair.

Still, sometimes there’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned screen shot of blood, which is where these images come in.


2) Don’t blame the bat for hitting Harper. It was just trying to be old-school.

3) Danny Espinosa nearly suffered a similar injury when swinging a bat at a wall in frustration this week. Luckily, Espinosa swung and missed.

5) I understand Harper not wanting to use gobs of eye black any more, but this seemed excessive.

6) Hey, it could have been worse. At least he didn’t smash his bat into a fire extinguisher.

7) That wasn’t blood running down Harper’s face. That was just #Natitude.

8) And somewhere, Gus Frerotte smiled.

(Images via @bstouttt, @recordsAndRadio, ESPN.)