(Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

It looks like we’re not the only ones who have figured out the value of putting Bryce Harper’s name in a headline (ahem, MSNBC).

Thanks to @milesgrant for directing us to this post by Joe Mendelson of the National Wildlife Federation, which bears the headline, “Bryce Harper’s Unusual Hit Speaks to Climate Change Impacts.”

 Here’s the setup:

Two weekends ago, one window into climate change impacts opened up in Atlanta. During a 8-4 victory, Nationals rookie phenom Bryce Harper hit an apparently ordinary single into right field against the Braves. Harper, however, hustled around first base as an unsuspecting and nonchalant Jason Heyward mishandled the ball. Harper roared into second with a double–a highlight reel play. Great play by the kid, but what could this possibly have to do with climate change?

Great question, Joe!

The answer, apparently, is that Atlanta has been “suffering from droughts for the last five years” that “wreak havoc by causing baseballs to ‘snake’ in the dry grass of Turner Field’s formerly verdant outfield,” and, according to Mendelson, has forced the grounds crew at Turner to replace the infield with different turf that slows down the ball.

According to the grounds crew, the new turf was put in with the simple intention of slowing down the ball, and for no other reason. But that truth is boring and we don’t get to talk about Harper.

So, we can thank Bryce Harper’s random double two weeks ago for this new environmental awareness.

 And Joe can thank his egregious use of Bryce Harper’s name in a headline for getting his post referenced on the Bog, where egregious use of RGIII’s name in headlines is standard practice.