Remember how Matt Williams was all bothered when Wilson Ramos took too long to run around the bases? I mean, that was over a five-second delay. Not that big a deal.

So I wonder how Williams might have reacted when Bryce Harper launched a home run, admired it, admired it some more, then made it around the base paths before air-blowing an air smooch in the direction of the victimized pitcher. I believe Williams’s brain might have combusted.

Also, it was against the Greensboro Grasshoppers, which is awesome.

Oh, and the AP recently ran a long Harper profile, which included this nugget. Feels apropos somehow:

“One of the biggest sins you can make is putting guys into position where they’re going to fail early,” said Doug Harris, who keeps a close in-person eye on Harper as the Nationals’ director of player development. “We’re really committed, but lay the blocks before we try to put in some chandeliers and some granite countertops. We want to make sure we’ve built a good foundation, not only on the field but in the clubhouse.”

(Via Nats Enquirer and the world.)