“The Holden and Danny Show” broadcast from Nats Park ahead of this afternoon’s game, and Gio Gonzalez was a guest. A call-in guest. From Nats Park. With the radio hosts in left field and Gio in the locker room.

The pitcher’s refusal to walk to left field was quickly forgiven when almost immediately, he pulled out a hilarious pop culture reference.

Gio accidentally called Nats reliever Ryan Mattheus by the name Ryan Madison, and laughed it off with a “Dumb and Dumber” reference: “I was thinking way off. Samsonite. Samsonite.”

The discussion turned to hitting, which then naturally turned to Bryce Harper, and Gio couldn’t say enough nice things about the Harpers.

“Believe it or not, his family is unbelievable. His mom and dad are incredible parents. They were nice enough to invite me over for spring training and bake me cookies and make me something to eat if I was hungry, asked if I wanted to eat with them. What a great family. Great people all around.”

Now you know the way to Gio’s heart is as simple as homemade cookies.

The full audio is below. I like to imagine Gio with the phone in one hand and a plate of Mama Harper’s cookies in the other.