(Marlene Karas)

During the course of the interview, Miech told this tale about Harper’s violence against batting helmets.

“Kelli, I saw him do damage to a batting helmet [at the College of Southern Nevada] that shouldn’t be legal. By the end of the season, the coach was making him tape up his own [helmet] because it had just been cracked and splattered in so many ways. And by the end of the season, I think there’s a picture of it, too, in the book, of him hitting with his gaudy eye black and with a taped up helmet. It looked like a crash test dummy. And so, I think that season was so priceless to him to get that, uh, to get those immature actions and to get a lot of his anger out of the way.”

Photographic evidence of this is here (pre Harper abuse) and here (post Harper abuse).

Of course, anyone who has seen Harper strike out to end an inning knows that slamming his helmet is still a habit. Although I’m pretty sure the Nats can afford to replace a batting helmet or two.