Most notably, the famed Oriole is giving the edge to the Nats this season in the Nationals vs. Orioles debate.

On Nats vs. Orioles

“The way that the Washington pitching staff, I mean, adding Edwin Jackson and Gio Gonzalez, you know, and Gio, he’s got good live stuff and he’s throwing the ball better than anybody anticipated. I would have to give the edge to the Nationals a little bit for the depth of their starting staff.”

He then talked a bunch about how good the Orioles are. You know, because he’s Cal Ripken Jr.

On Bryce Harper

“I’m really impressed with the way he plays the game, the enthusiasm. Terry Francona said on the Sunday night game, ‘I hope in 10 years he still runs the bases the same way that he’s running them now.’ And I’ll say he’s not going to. After 10 years, you’re not going to try to stretch every single into a double, whether it’s a ground ball to center field or not.

“I love his enthusiasm, I love his approach at the plate. He’s very patient, he doesn’t swing at the ball, and he’s got good power the opposite way. I mean, he’s an impressive player right now. And sure, he’s going to go through learning. You forget, the things that he’s doing, you forget that he’s 19 years old. So he’s gong to go through some slumps. He’s going to experience things that he’s going to have to draw from inside how he deals with those things, but that’s everybody. So he’s gonna be a real good player.”

On his house full of washers and dryers

“I will give you some insight. I have more washing machines and dryers in this house. My wife needed to have one accessible in every space in the house. I mean, we might have seven washers and dryers.

“I’ll tell you what. My pride and joy, besides my gym, is I have a commercial washer and dryer, just like the Orioles would or any major sports team would have. So you can do all kinds of quantity of basketball uniforms, towels, all that kind of stuff. But my wife doesn’t like that one at all. She thinks it’s too industrial.”

Here’s the audio again, in case you missed it.