Because it’s the playoffs, here’s Boston team president Cam Neely, asked by a local radio host about Dale Hunter’s contention that the Bruins are targeting Nicklas Backstrom’s head.

“I don’t think we’re specifically targeting his head,” Neely said on Tuesday. “I mean, I don’t think our guys have that makeup in them. We’re certainly going to play physical against him. He’s one of their skilled players and one of their better players, so we have to take the body when it’s there.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we’re targeting his head, but there’s a lot of scrums, there’s a lot of face-washing going on. But that’s on both sides. We’ll see, it was a pretty nasty [end of game] crosscheck. I know they’re saying he was going for his chest and [Rich] Peverley’s stick made his stick ride up, but just like a high sticking penalty, you’re supposed to be able to control your stick.”

Then Neely was asked about Claude Julien’s contention that the Caps have gotten in some dirty licks of their own.

“I mean, I think you look at those instances, and if nothing happens, you’re gonna continue to think you can get away with it,” Neely said. “That’s my opinion on it. The shot that Seidenberg took from Ovechkin was I thought pretty cheap and could have hurt Seidenberg seriously, just as the one with Peverley.”

Neely was also asked about the accusations that Brad Marchand may have been diving in Game 3.

“Well, March doesn’t really dive too much,” Neely said. “It’s not really his makeup.”

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