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“Gonna be a great quarterback,” cornerback Josh Wilson said. “He’s like a seasoned vet right now.”

This, though, has become something of a pattern. Newton is the seventh straight rookie quarterback to beat the Redskins.

With a nod to SB Nation DC:

Oct. 15, 2006: Vince Young and the Titans won, 25-22, at FedEx Field. It was Young’s first NFL win, in his third NFL start. The Titans had been 0-5. Young threw for one touchdown, and no interceptions. “He is an exceptional football player,” Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs said. “He is really cool and calm. I think he is one of the premier football players in the NFL. I think they have a real special person.”

Nov. 19, 2006: Bruce Gradkowski and the Buccaneers won, 20-17, in Tampa. Gradkowski was making his seventh career start; he threw for two touchdowns and one interception, and recorded his third career win. The Bucs had lost three straight games going into this one.

Dec. 2, 2007: Trent Edwards and the Bills won, 17-16, in the infamous Gibbs two-timeout game at FedEx Field. Edwards was making his fifth career start, and recorded his fourth career win. He threw for 257 yards, and didn’t have a touchdown or an interception. “I like the way he manages a game,” Bills Coach Dick Jauron said after the win. “I like his demeanor. He doesn’t look rattled to me on the field. He did make some mistakes. There’s no doubt about that. But in the end, he sat in there and put the ball on the money and gave us a chance to win it.”

Dec. 7, 2008: Ok, this one wasn’t too bad. Joe Flacco and the Ravens won, 24-10, in Baltimore. But Flacco was hardly a rookie; he was making his 13th start, and already had eight wins. He had a touchdown and an interception against the Redskins.

Sept. 27, 2009: Matthew Stafford and the Lions won, 19-14, in Detroit. It was Stafford’s first NFL win, in his third NFL start. Stafford threw for 241 yards and a touchdown, and did not have an interception. The Lions had been 0-2, and had lost 19 consecutive games. It’s just one (win), but it’s nice to get this behind us," Lions vice chairman William Clay Ford, Jr. said. “I think we’ve got a ( franchise) quarterback, and that’s an important piece to the puzzle.”

Sept. 26, 2010: Sam Bradford and the Rams won, 30-16, in St. Louis. It was Bradford’s first NFL win, in his third NFL start. The Rams had been 0-2, and had lost 10 straight games overall. Bradford threw for 235 yards, with a touchdown and an interception. “Quarterbacks get paid a lot in this league for making third-down plays,” Mike Shanahan said. “Bradford, he was deserving of the first pick,” Clinton Portis added.