This is Ed Holder, elected Member of Parliament for London West on October 14, 2008 and then re-elected on May 2, 2011. This week, he honored Dale Hunter in the House of Commons, with a send-off to the ”legendary coach” who has represented “Canada’s 10th largest city.”

“The London Knights have long been a cornerstone of both the London community and Southwestern Ontario,” Holder said. “Head coach Dale Hunter is a name synomonous with the triumphs of the Knights, today rated the No. 1 team in the Ontario Hockey League....

“Now, after 11 years with the London Knights, Dale returns to the Capitals as head coach. We will miss Dale behind the Knights’ bench, and Londoners wish him every success. It’s just one more example of a great Canadian export to help the United States. On behalf of all Londoners, thank you, Dale Hunter. It’s been a great ride.”

(Via @Sportsyack)