During training camp, Niles Paul talked to me about his love of Capri Sun and why he stocked up on the classic juice drink before heading to camp. He also mentioned that he didn’t bring his favorite flavor, out of fear of having his Redskins teammates help themselves.

“I didn’t get no Strawberry Kiwis, though,” the tight end said at the time. “I have a lot at the house and I didn’t want to bring them to the room or up here [to practice] because they’re gonna drink them all.”

Well, the folks at Capri Sun heard his concerns and sent Paul a case of the Strawberry Kiwi flavored drink, along with a letter of support.

“We here at Capri Sun are very distressed to learn about the threat of juice-induced larceny committed against one of our drinkers,” the letter read. “So we called in some of our most astute packaging engineers and developed a fail-safe method of protection, custom tailored for you.”

Niles Paul’s custom-made Capri Sun straw

“That’s what’s up,” said Paul, showing me his personalized silver straw, identical to the classic version in shape and slightly longer than its plastic cousin.

As if on cue, teammate Markus White walked by and grabbed a couple of drinks from the box.

“Man, none of these have straws,” he said, shaking his head and putting them back in the box before walking off.

“That’s right,” Paul said, admiring the effectiveness of his new juice security system. “That’s how it’s supposed to be.”


Niles Paul on Capri Sun