Because many people ask me about Caps playoff television ratings, and because there hasn’t been much written on that topic yet this series, here are some nuggets for your perusal, via Nielsen data:

* Game 3 earned an average household rating of 5.29 in the D.C. market, which is about 125,000 households. It also earned a 2.34 in the Baltimore market, for an additional 26,000 households and a combined DC/Baltimore audience of 151,000 households.

* That made Game 3 the most-viewed Caps game on Comcast SportsNet this season, the highest-rated game 3 playoff game in CSN history, and the 10th-most viewed Caps game in CSN history.

* Game 1 against the Rangers last season earned a 6.18 rating, if you’re curious. Game 7 against Montreal in 2010 2009 earned an 8.10. That Montreal series averaged a 5.34 in the D.C. market. This series thus far has averaged a 5.31 in the Washington market, with one of the games appearing on NBC instead of CSN.

* As you’d expect, Monday’s Game 3 did much better as it went along; the peak rating in the third period was 6.92 in Washington.

* The game was also the top-rated primetime show in the Washington market among men ages 25-54.

* The largest peak audience of the series thus far came in overtime of Game 2, when the Washington household rating was a massive 8.9.

* Well, “massive” in a certain context. The Penguins averaged a 7.89 rating on Root Sports in the Pittsburgh market through the latter part of March, according to SportsBusiness Journal. That’s for regular season games. The Redskins-Ravens preseason game last August — seen locally on both ESPN and WDCA — received an 18.1 rating in the Washington television market. So a pretend football game starring Rex Grossman got a rating more than three times higher than the most important Caps game of the season.

* Remember that these numbers are mostly just about Washington (and a little Baltimore), and that CSN’s coverage area includes 11 other markets including Richmond, so the total audience is larger.