I figured Wednesday night’s Game 7 would finish as the highest-rated Caps game in Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic history.

I was wrong, but only just. The game earned an 8.01 rating in the Washington market, according to Nielsen overnights, making it second only to the 8.10 rating during Game 7 against Montreal in 2010. Those are the only two Caps games with ratings of higher than 6.20 on CSN.

And not to get too deep into the weeds, but if Wednesday’s game had lasted a few moments longer, it would have added another quarter-hour to its broadcast window, and would have set a new mark.

In any case, the series finished as the highest-rated Caps playoff series in network history, with an average household rating in the Washington market of 5.90. (That’s just for the four games on CSN; three of the seven games were broadcast by NBC.) The previous high was last year’s Rangers series, which averaged a 5.72.

Also, Game 7 was the all-time most-watched CSN Caps game in Baltimore, earning an average household rating of 3.72.

Overall, the game attracted a combined audience of 230,000 households in Washington and Baltimore, with a peak audience of 320,000 households during overtime.

Also, CSN was the most-watched network in Washington during Game 7.