With the Caps set to take their first regular-season road trip of the season, the team’s Web site asked players who the best and worst roommates on the team might be. Some of the most creative answers follow.


Jeff Halpern: “I think John Carlson, because I hear he does pretty well for himself, and it’d be nice to see that side. I’m married now, so could live vicariously through him.”

(But, I mean, where would Halpern actually be? Do pro athletes do the college-dorm sock-on-the-doorknob thing? Weird.)

Matt Hendricks: “I would say Jeff Schultz. You know that he’s gonna be quiet, and you know you can always have the remote.”

Alex Ovechkin: “I would pick Alex Semin because he’s Russian and he’s my best boy, so I would pick him, always gonna pick him.”


John Erskine: “Either Semin or Ovi. I don’t think those guys sleep.”

Karl Alzner: “Marcus because he sleeps all day so there’d be no one to talk to in the room and I don’t think I’d like that too much.”

Jay Beagle: “Probably Neuvirth. I’ve had him and he throws his clothes everywhere.”

Brooks Laich: “Maybe Ovi, because I don’t want to hear techno music.”

Alex Ovechkin: “I don’t know, probably Schultzie. Sorry Schultzie, but it is what it is.”