Still, many longtime Caps fans were undoubtedly feeling pretty much like this on Sunday afternoon. The Post’s awesome John McDonnell got this image after the Bruins went up 3-2 on Sunday; the Caps would later tie the game, before losing in overtime.

But this is the image that led A1 of Monday’s paper, and it seemed to fit. For example, see these tweets from a couple of vintage fans.

For you Caps fans who didn’t see the 1980s version of the team, welcome to our nightmare.

— ThePeerless (@ThePeerless) April 23, 2012

#Caps Game 7 history. 2-7 overall. 2-6 at home. 0-1 on the road.

— OnFrozenBlog (@OnFrozenBlog) April 23, 2012

Although I guess younger fans can have similar reactions. See below, via here.