But Obama’s image will certainly show up at Verizon Center Monday night, and more than once. With noted White House critic Tim Thomas set to visit town, in a kind of important game, several Caps sites decided that Presidential taunting was in order.

Above, signs and masks from RMNB, which writes this:

Please print out a trillion of these and camp out in front of the glass during warm-ups. Cut out the eyeholes on the mask, tie it in front of your ugly mug, and give Thomas a warm welcome to Washington, D.C., the most powerful city on Earth. This is your moment to shine.

We urge you nay! — we charge you in your duty as a Caps fan to make sure that that ol’ Timmy T is surrounded at all times during games 3 and 4 by scowling, condescending Obamas.

Print it, Print it, Print it.  Take it to Game 3 on Monday.  Take it down by the glass during warm-ups.  If you’re sitting behind a goal, print out enough for your entire section.  Thomas may skip the White House, and the real Obama may not attend Caps games, but we can still ensure that this issue that Thomas wants to avoid is right in his face when he comes to D.C.

Knowing Caps fans, I have a feeling that more than one person will bring more than one of these signs to the arena. Each of the above sites has instructions for downloading said posters, masks, signs, etc.