David Gregory, I knew — he shows up on the big screen talking about Unleashing the Fury, after all — but it’s still worth noting when he talks up the team during Meet the Press.

“Let’s go Caps, onto the semis,” he said at the end of Sunday’s episode while giving a fist pump. “Stanley Cup hockey is here.”

Gregory also talked about Game 5 during his online Press Pass feature, telling this story:

“Finally, still savoring the Caps’ win yesterday as we move on to the semifinals.And a great line, I just had to share. Pretty rough and tumble game there with the New York Rangers, and my son, as he’s leaving, he says to me, ‘Um, dad, can you go to jail for using the F word?’ I told him no.”

It is a good line, though Gregory really should have answered “F--- no.” Fist pump screenshot below.