If there’s one thing the folks at Natty Boh know how to do, it’s pander to Caps fans. This design, which I’m told has been making the rounds in Baltimore, sums up the Caps’ season perfectly. They may need to think about changing the “30” on that goalie, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Mike Wise perhaps said it best after a 4-2 win over the Panthers secured the Caps’ place in the playoffs:

“Finally, someone actually believed in this team.”

He was talking about Brooks Laich, but it now has so many other applications. And with that, we have a Caps 2012 postseason theme: Believe. ­

In other fun Twitter pics from last night, thanks to @SlavaMalamud, we know now that the keys to the Caps’ success include food and a cold tub. But it creates more questions than it answers. Like, do you have to eat the food in the tub for it to work?

This pic comes from @theGREATK8. Ovi’s dad made an interesting fashion choice for last night’s game, but I suppose if you’re Ovi’s dad you can wear whatever you want. Quick, someone hook him up with a Bohlieve shirt.