From the team’s letter:

Due to overwhelming demand for season tickets, we are now offering a Standing Room Only (SRO) loge full season ticket opportunity. As a valued full season ticket holder, we would like to extend to you the first purchase opportunity for the 2011-12 season.

Now, I don’t begrudge the team any chance it has to leverage its current popularity. The team says its current ticket prices remain in the bottom half of the NHL, despite trotting out one of the best teams in the league in one of its wealthiest markets. And if they’re offering this supply, I’m betting fans are providing the demand.

Still, some of the conditions on the standing-room seat offer...I mean, $2,550 is a lot for this:

* Tickets will be printed with an assigned section, space number, and all fans are required to stay with in their assigned location while in the platform area.

* Any fan with a standing room only ticket attempting to move to a location other than the specified location assigned to the ticket holder could be subject to forfeiture of his or her ticket(s) and ejected from the game.

* There will be Verizon Center and Capitals staff stationed on the standing room only platforms throughout the game to monitor the areas and to assure that these guidelines are being followed by all fans.

Whew. The “seats” are located along the platforms above loge sections 104-107 and 115-118. Yes, there is a “solid white line” to demarcate the standing areas. Priority for the “seats” is based on account history and tenure. Maximum four per account,although your number of “seats” could stretch toward infinity, I suppose. Payment required at time of purchase. Wear comfortable shoes.

And yes, having standing-room season tickets entitles you to purchase tickets at the same location for next year’s playoffs. Don’t forget, gate prices for standing-roomers at the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals are projected at around $175 per, but account holders will only have to pay $107.