Via Tiq IQ, the average price for a first-round game at Verizon Center is running about $249, tied for 6th among the 16 playoff teams. There seem to have been about 2,000 or 3,000 Game 1 tickets for sale on various secondary market sites, far less than in places like Detroit or Nashville, but far more than in Montreal or Vancouver.

And before this game actually starts, some more things I’d been meaning to mention.

* For anyone who thinks D.C. playoff fanaticism is unprecedented in this town, please do watch this awesome vintage video. (On Frozen Blog)

* The story behind the Let’s Go Caps office-building sign on F Street, courtesy of the Entertainment Software Association. ESA has also donated some video-gaming equipment to keep the Caps occupied during their playoff run. (RMNB)

* The New York Post has already provided the dumbest lede of the first round, from its Wednesday Caps report:

Curious that the Capitals practice near the cemetery. Some find it appropriate until proven otherwise.

Right. Curious. And appropriate. (

* Eric Fehr: “Six games.” He doesn’t say which team will win, though. (NBCWashington)