The Caps have proven what I already suspected: Fans like the players and they really like dogs.

Back in October, the Caps did a photoshoot for a calendar with players and canines. Some were the players’ own companions and some were up for adoption at the Washington Animal Rescue League. They sold the Caps Canine Calendar at games throughout December to raise money for WARL and obviously the fans overwhelmingly approved. Mandy Flemmer (Karl Alzner’s fiancée), Carmen Brouwer, and Mackenzie Keeley (Jeff Schultz’s fiancée) were able to present a $31,320 check to the rescue organization yesterday.

While they were there, the better halves got to tour the facilities and play with some of the animals that were up for adoption. Apparently Alzner knows his fiancée well, because he gave her one important rule before she left the house.

“We were under strict orders not to bring home any new additions,” Flemmer said through a press release. “Although the animals here are so cute, there were definitely a few I would’ve liked to bring home.”

Now, quick. Someone go adopt that scruffy puppy from the video before I end up with a fourth dog.

Pics of the tour after the jump, including a few outtakes from the calendar itself.