(Matt Smith/AP)

“Here’s Niners cornerback Carlos Rogers, who says, among other things, that his new team has a distinctly un-Redskins vibe, right down to the head coach hanging with the players on the victory flight home,” is how SFGate.com described it, although Rogers never specifically mentioned the Redskins in the interview.

“This is a different team from what I’m used to,” Rogers told reporters. “You see the owners, you see the general manager flying back with the team, not on their own plane. We get off and go to the hotel, they’re on the bus with us, always traveling with us. In the locker room. Giving guys good luck before the game. Talking to guys after the game. Shaking their hands. I’ve never experienced that. You can see the family-type atmosphere there is around here.”

Meanwhile, Rogers has two interceptions in four games. That’s a different cornerback from what I’m used to.

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